Happy Exam Season everyone! The final push—assignments, tests, exams, pracs and more—has begun, which means it is ever-important to maintain a consistent study schedule. Here are five tips to ensure you can study this November to the best of your ability! 


1. Set up a designated study space

           Consistency is key when studying, and having a dedicated area to focus helps provide a structured, focused environment that minimises distractions. These spaces can be anywhere from your home desk, to a library study booth, to the corner table in a local café. 


2. Take notes with pride

Clear, readable, and organised notes are an invaluable asset when studying. Our eyes naturally gravitate towards aesthetically pleasing visuals and neatly written notes that not only capture our attention but also work to enhance retention. Organising information on the page using techniques such as colour coding, headings, and more can help you quickly locate specific notes when revising.


3. Update your calendar

Keeping a calendar or chart with deadlines is a highly effective tool for managing time and responsibilities. A calendar, in particular, provides a visual and structured way to track important dates and commitments, where seeing the amount of time left until a deadline helps you plan your study schedule accordingly.


4. Take practice tests and exams seriously

There’s no use in taking practice tests and exams on the couch! By consciously setting up exam conditions for your practice runs—such as allocating the appropriate reading and writing time and removing devices—simulating the real test conditions can improve your overall readiness for the actual test.


5. Book a session with Learning Support

            And finally, when all else fails, booking a session with our wonderful Learning Support team is a fantastic way to gain study advice that is best suited to your assignment, course, and study needs. You can do that here


Recommended Reads: 

The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell 

Noted as the ultimate guide to study skills, this text is full of study tips and tricks to help students boost their grades, build confidence, and increase employability. A diverse yet engaging range of chapters—from how to get the most out of your course, to time management, to critical thinking and academic writing—the accessible study guide is a must-read, especially for students planning to go on to university studies.
Available from both the City and East Campus libraries. 




The Night Before Essay Planner: A Workbook to Plan, Research and Write Your Essay by Bronwyn Hall 

Covering the essential steps towards writing your essay—from planning, using an essay topic or question, and undertaking research through books, libraries, reading strategies, and taking notes to starting the essay and referencing—this text has all the tips and tricks for getting through an essay in no time!
Available from the City Campus Library. 




Atomic Habits by James Clear 

Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving individuals' everyday habits. By providing readers with the background formation of habits to revealing practical strategies to break the old and endorse the new, Clear draws on psychology and neuroscience to create this best-selling self-help guide. This text offers readers fresh strategies to understand their goals and gives genuine, helpful options to realise them.
Available from both the City and East Campus libraries. 




Words by Ashlee Simpson, Digital & Library Engagement Officer. 

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