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  Why should you conduct your own research?

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5 benefits of performing research: 

  1. Improves critical thinking skills.
    Researching and analysing information requires you to be analytical and to think critically about information. 

  2. Provides new insights.
    Researching allows individuals to learn new information and potentially discover new insights or perspectives on a topic. 

  3. Enhances knowledge. 
    Performing research helps individuals gain knowledge and understanding about a particular topic, which can be valuable in many areas of life.

  4. Supports decision-making. 
    Researching can help provide information to support decision-making in various areas such as personal finance, healthcare, education, and more.

  5. Supports creativity.
    Researching and exploring new information can be a source of inspiration and can lead to new ideas and innovative solutions.


Research in TAFE: 

In the TAFE context, the most common form research that is utilised is Applied Research: 

What is Applied Research? 

  • Research that uses knowledge to find practical solutions to problems in an industry. 
  • A creative process that seeks to generate new knowledge and understanding. 
  • Uses accepted methods and techniques to ensure valid outcomes; often results in outcomes with commercial value. 

Applied Research in TAFE typically focuses on:

  • Solving problems for local industries when no existing solution has previously been available. 
  • Enhancing professional practice in TAFE. 
  • Fostering innovation skills and capabilities in students.
    (See Doing Applied research in TAFEs (VTA 2019:7) for more information.)

Reading list for Applied Research in TAFEs: 


Watch the following short clip on the importance of undertaking Applied Research.