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November: Exam Season! Five Study Tips 

Happy Exam Season everyone! The final push—assignments, tests, exams, pracs, and... read more

October: Referencing Tips & Tricks 

Now is a fantastic time to check in with your referencing skills! Referencing is an incredibly... read more

September: Easy Reads: Feel Nostalgic with these Picture Story Books 

Reading children's literature as adults can elicit benefits for us too. It is said to help boost... read more

August: 'First Nations Classics': Reviving the Literary Landscape

We are incredibly excited to welcome into our libraries the new titles from the UQP's collection... read more

July: International Day of Friendship

The International Day of Friendship encourages 'friendships between peoples, countries, and... read more

June: Original or Adaptation: Books That Have Been Adapted for the Big Screen 

Stuck for some movie/reading recommendations? Look no further, because we have curated... read more

May Special Edition: The Rise of AI: It's not all that bad! 

You certainly have seen the new addition to your Snapchat friends list... read more

May: Mindful in May: Tips, tricks, and tools to check in with yourself

'The month of May is dedicated to mindfulness and mental health awareness' and gives us the... read more 


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