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  What research methods should I use?

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The research methods you choose will depend on the following 5 considerations:

  1. Research question. 
    The type of research question you want to answer will determine what methods are appropriate. For example, if you are trying to measure a specific phenomenon, a quantitative method might be more suitable. However, if you are exploring a complex issue, a qualitative method might be more appropriate.

  2. Data availability. 
    Consider the type and amount of data available so that you may choose a method that is suitable for collecting and analysing that data.

  3. Resources. 
    Consider the resources available such as time, funding, and personnel. Use these considerations to choose a method that can be implemented within your constraints. 

  4. Ethical considerations. 
    Consider the ethical implications of the research methods you are considering to choose methods that are ethical and respectful of participants.

  5. Expertise. 
    Consider your own expertise and skills to choose methods that you feel comfortable using and that you have the necessary training to implement.


Resources on research methods: 

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Watch the following short clip for an introduction to research methods and methodologies.