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  How do I conduct a literature review?

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A literature review can be conducted as follows:

  1. Define the research question with targeted queries such as what are you aiming to discover/analyse/improve? 
  2. Search the library catalogue using search terms related to your research question.
  3. Screen and evaluate relevant studies based on search limiters (e.g. date range, publication type).
  4. Read and critically evaluate the selected studies, taking notes and summarising the findings.
  5. Organise the findings into themes and identify gaps in the literature.
  6. Synthesise the findings and draw conclusions relevant to your research question.
  7. Evaluate the evidence's quality and limitations and assess the conclusions' reliability.
  8. Present the results of the literature review in a clear and structured manner, following the appropriate citation style.


Watch the following short clip for an introduction to planning a literature review. 

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